Tuesday 3 April 2012

Beading Delights.

Well after the great launch of the Beaders Companion multi bead boxes and my samples being on show I had a go at something a little different. I always seemed to do the same or similar sort of design with each piece and I really wanted to start doing something more adventurous......

I recently discovered the Bead Supermarket which is just 5 minutes away from where I live and I didn't even know it existed until I saw an article in the local weekly paper. They run a monthly bead club where you get sent a kit with full instructions to make up items of jewellery. So I thought I would give it a go. It cost £13.99 per month and you receive your lovely little surprise parcel at the end of each month!!

 This months theme was April Hail. The kit contained some stunning brown/bronze pearl type beads, seed beads and bi cone beads. All of the findings including some extras were also enclosed. The technique used was actually wrapping the head pin around itself above the bead which sounds really difficult and I must admit that even with full instructions I did struggle and felt that I needed 2 pairs of hands. Eventually I managed to find the best way of doing it and was very happy with the results. The instructions told you to make up 12 small and 9 large wire wrapped beads and these created little clusters on the necklace.

 There were also findings and beads to make up a pair of earrings which were very straight forward. These are the finished results:

The finished piece.

I just wish that I had known this technique before I embarked on my latest design challenge for Beaders Companion! This weeks box of delights was some stunning green beads from the same collection that was launched 2 weeks ago. From this box I managed to make even more pieces ...a total of 44 items from 1 box. They go on air tonight (3/4/12) on Ideal World and tomorrow on Create and Craft and Ideal world as Pick of the day... I will post photos as soon as they become available but the beads are a definite must have !


  1. oh wow Cathy this set it fantastic.....wish i could find somewhere that did classes as I seem to have picked up this jewellery making a lot more quickly than I'd anticipated and could do with being a bit more challenged but don't have the know how - I think I can hear YouTube calling lol. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas xxx

  2. Thanks for the comment Lynne.....this was done via mail order with detailed instructions. She does run classes I think..so hopefully when I am feeling a bit better I can make an appointment to visit the warehouse. I live in the middle of nowhere and have no crafty friends locally so must admit I do tend to use U Tube but i must pay her a visit. xx

  3. Your design looks good and I see you've had a go at wrapped loops, I find those hard to do but with a bit more practice you'll get better. Why don't you have a look at www.shiney-lounge.co.uk. They have some different ideas and tecneques on there. They are friendly like minded bunch of people who set up there business to enjoy a hobby of theirs.

  4. Cathy this is stunning as always, saw all your amazing pieces on the C&C Beaders Companion show and they were stunning. Sent you a text but have just realised that I had you old number.

    Hugs Pam xx