Monday 26 March 2012

TV Debut

A week ago I announced on  my blog that I was on a top secret crafting project..well the world now knows what the mission was!!!!

I was contacted by the lovely Sarah Millsop from Beaders Companion a couple of weeks ago and she asked if I would design some jewellery for her TV appearance on Create and Craft on Wednesday 21st of March.

Beaders Companion were launching a new bead box containing over 30 separate compartments all full of lovely beads. The colour choices were purple, black and white and browns. The box was to retail at about £40.

The challenge was for me to make as many pieces of jewellery as I could using just the one box of beads in the colour purple!!!! I could use any other materials like jewellery wire and other findings but must only use the beads in the 1 box.

Well after 2 days of frantic beading I managed to make ; 14 Necklaces, 9 Bracelets and 18 pairs of earrings from the one box!!!

I sent them to Sarah via courier and she called me to make sure that I had only used the 1 box as she could not believe how many items I had made. I must admit that I was rather proud of my achievement as I am not a jewellery designer and have only being making jewellery for about a year and honestly did not think I was up to the task.

The show aired on the Wednesday and the purple set was an absolute hit and all of my items looked stunning. All of the itms that I had made had been photographed and made into an inspiration sheet which is included in each box set.

For the next 2 days Sara Davies from Crafters Companion was wearing various pieces during all of her shows.

These are the finished samples;

The finished samples

Another very talented crafter was also asked to do the same task as me. Yvonne Nash chose the black and white box and managed to make up some great pieces but so very sadly the courier company failed to get them delivered to Sarah in time for the show. I just hope that when the black and white box is next shown on air we will all be able to see Yvonne's wonderful creations.

Well as you can imagine the show has been recorded and watched several times by numerous friends and I am rather proud to say the least.....

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  1. You did amazing hun... Still cannot work out how many you got out of it , lol