Thursday 11 April 2013

March project for Beaders and Crafters Companion

For the March project using both Beaders Companion and Crafters Companion products I have made a card with wire embellishments which are so easy to make and good fun to. Please find below step by step instructions to make the card;

8X8 card base.
Nigel Mays Blooming Amazing CD
Mirror card
3d glue gel
Double sided tape

Wire cutters
Flat and round nose plier
Paper trimmer

The card;

Matt and layer your chosen backing paper onto mirror card and attach to card base and then build up the decoupage using 3d glue gel. Matt and layer this onto some more mirror card and then attach to the card 

To make the flower in Top Left corner;
Take one pack of the blue 22 gauge wire and attach to your coiling gizmo. Coil the wire until you are almost at the end of the rod. Cut the wire and repeat. This will give you 2 lengths of coiled wire. You now need to cut those large coils into 5 approx 3cm long sections..these make the petals. Now insert the end of the blue wire and thread it through the 1st 3cm length and bend in half and twist so that it forms a petal shape. Add the next 3cm section and continue adding and twisting until all 5 are in place. Cut the length of wire from the reel allowing about 6cms for you to coil to form the top. To coil just start as if you were making the basic loop in jewellery making but instead of leaving it at one loop keep adding more by turning the wire in your flat nose pliers until the coil is tight up against the petals. This is then attached to the card using the 3d glue gel.

To make the swirl at the bottom of the card;

Take a length of approx 15cms of 22 gauge blue wire. At one end make the standard loop but continue to loop it round, as on the top of the flower until you are about 1/4 way down the length of wire. Repeat this at the other end but curl in the opposite direction. Once happy add them to the card using 3d glue gel

Small wire flower

Finished card

Have fun x

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