Tuesday 12 March 2013

Party Paws Candle

Some of you may have noticed a candle and box that I made for the Pick of the week and the Blockbuster for Crafters Companion using the Serif Party Paws CD.

The candle was straight forward enough to make but if any of you have any queries about decorating candles please get in touch. cathrumball@gmail.com

Now for the box. I used a medium sized candle for this project that was 6.5cm wide and 23cms tall.

So take a piece of centura pearl card and cut to 24cms X 30cms. The 24 is your height and 30cms is your width.

Now using your ultimate score board and with the 24cms of card facing upwards, score at 7cms, 14cms,fold and burnish and put against edge of ultimate score again at 7cms and 14cms, fold and burnish all these lines.
Using some red line tape put it along the inside edge of the 2cms fold but leave backing on.

If you are lucky enough to have printer that takes Centura pearl card then you can print on any design you like but sadly mine only takes lightweight card so I printed my chosen pattern onto the card and then attached this to the box almost like a wrap but attached with glue or tape. I used the Serif CD which enabled me to put a sentiment on my chosen design.

To create the aperture decide where you would like it to be depending on the design on your candle and cut out a section of one of the panels with a craft knife and the use a piece of acetate to cover the gap. Remember to do this before you stick the box together.

Scoring line 7cm and 14

Adding red line tape to 2cm fold

Sticking together

The finished "tube" (but yours will be decorated)

Once these stages are complete you can remove the backing from the tape and stick your box together.Put to one side.This is now called the "tube"

Now for the top and bottom of the box. You need to measure the width of the box..ie 7cms square and then how deep you would like the top/bottom to be ie 2cms so this means you need a 11cm square piece of card. Using the box lid side of the ultimate score at 2cms all round the card and fold and burnish the lines. Then create a box by cutting sections out of the corners and folding together.Use a wet glue and hold together with paper clips until dry. Repeat again for the other end of the box. (Please note sometimes these can be very tight so you may have to score on the 1.5 cm line instead of the 2cm)

The top and bottom of the box

Once all the pieces were dry I took some more red line tap and put it around the outside of the bottom of the "tube". I then careful attached one of the ends.The one for the top was left loose so that the candle could be removed easily. 
The top and bottom of my box was decorated with a decorative border. For this I took 2 pieces of card 30cms long and 3 cms deep and using one of the Diesire lacey border dies and my Grand Calibur i created a decorative design. This was then added to the top and bottom of the box once they were dry and on the "Tube" using red line tape. I used some gold peel offs  and a few embellishments to finish.
There you have it your completed box 

I hope these instructions are clear enough but if you have any problems you can contact me at the email address above or via the Crafters Companion Facebook page. Happy crafting x