Tuesday 19 June 2012

Launch Day

Well tonight is the launch of the wonderful christmas CDs by the amazing Nigel May. The fun starts at 9pm with Nigel and leanne Chivers and then at 11pm with Sara Davies. If any stock is left there are shows planned for tomorrow
Please check ideal World/ Create and Craft website for full listings. You are going to LOVE these CDs. The papers, toppers, sentiments......well all of it is fantastic and will give you hours of crafting fun.

Remember that the CDs can be used not only for paper crafting but for jewellery making as well. There is a section on the CDs for paper beads and all you have to do is cut them out but for demonstration purposes and as I wanted bigger beads all of the projects that I have shown, they have been made from some of the backing papers and coordinating papers. I have printed them onto a lightweight card so that they are firm but not difficult to roll. Once they have been coated in some Hard glaze varnish and left overnight to dry they are ready to play with.

The necklace and bracelet set that I have made is slightly more complicated than the earlier projects but is easy enough to do. If you go to the Beaders Companion website and see the wonderful instructional demos Sarah has done there is also the you Tube videos to help.

I arranged my selection of beads on my bead mat and then using some gold beading wire I firstly threaded on the 1 paper bead on the pendant and then 3 gold beads either side. I then added another paper bead but put both ends of the wire through the bead in opposite directions and pulled tight. This was repeated until all 3 beads were in place. I then added 3 beads to either end of the wire and started making the sides in my chosen pattern using the paper beads and gold and silver beads all available from the Beaders Companion website. Once I had the desired length I added a crimp bead and then put the thread through a jump ring and back through the crimp bead. This is where it gets a bit fiddly if you are new to jewellery making. You then thread the ends of the wire through the top few beads to give added strength and once all the wire is covered with beads and you are happy with the positioning you just squash the crimp bead and then attach your fastener. This is the same for both sides and with practice it gets easier. Just trim off any excess wire or thread it through the beads.

The bracelet was done in a similar manner using the gold thread. I mounted 9 beads onto this piece of thread and used the same method as the pendant. Once the 9 beads were in place I used some stretch elastic and threaded through one of the end beads I then added some gold and silver beads and a paper bead and then threaded the ends through the end bead at the other end and tied off. To secure the knot I applied some clear nail varnish and once dry I trimmed the ends. One stretch bracelet. I only had to use very thin stretch elastic as the beads are so light. That is one of the advantages of paper beads,they are so light and dont feel as if you are wearing anything so great for everyone with bad necks who cant tolerate heavy necklaces.

Paper bead necklace and stretch elastic bracelet
I hope that you like this project and will give jewellery making a go as it is a wonderful hobby and a great way to make gifts to go with all the lovely cards that you can make from this A May Zing CD.

Cathy xxxxx

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