Monday 18 June 2012

2nd project for Design team.

Well My 1st project went down really well and I am glad that the feedback has been so positive. Now for number 2;

I printed 2 pages of the coordinating backing papers in Crafters Companion purple from the fantastic Nigel May's A May Zing christmas CD. I printed them just onto a light card about 120gsm as any thicker and they get difficult to roll. I cut lengths of the card lengthways in triangular shapes, the same as the beads on the CD but much bigger. These were then rolled and its amazing how different each one comes out even though they have been cut the same way but this all adds to the uniqueness of the piece. These were then coated in the hard glaze varnish and left to dry overnight.

Once dry I then laid the design out and had a play about until I was happy with the way it looked. To make the pendants I used 1 head pin with a small gold bead at the top and I then formed the loop. I opened the bottom of an eye pin and attached this to the loop on the headpin and then closed once connected. Onto the eye pin I added another gold bead, my paper bead and other gold bead and then made the loop as before. I made the 2 other droplets in the same way but using slightly different beads.

Second Project
Once happy with the pendants I got a small section of gold chain from a Create kit findings pack, available on the Beaders companion website. I attached the pendants using the small jump rings also in the pack. To finish the necklace I used some gold beading wire from one of the other create findings kits and using a crimp bead I attached it to the length of chain. I did this on both sides.I then used a selection of the paper beads and the gold beads to complete the necklace. I used a clasp from the same kit as the chain.

The bracelet was made with a small section of the same gold chain and I added  the little beads to the chain. I made the 'charms' using small paper beads mounted onto a headpin with a gold bead at the base, formed the loop at the top and attached to the chain using jump rings from the findings pack. The earrings were made in a similar way but attached to fish hook earring findings which were also in the chain kit.

I hope that the launch of this great CD goes well but sadly only my 1st project will be on display as I did not have enough time to complete any more before the deadline.

I hope you like this second project and watch this space for more coming your way. Cathy xxxx

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