Saturday 22 October 2011

Another Autumn Day

I seem to have lost my inspiration mojo over the last few days so didn't manage to do much creativity today but did manage to put together a few cards and 2 gift boxes. I have got a craft fair in 2 weeks time and keep wondering if i have got enough of all the different things.....but you never know what people want to buy or pay for thats going to be the hard part putting prices onto things, so any advice appreciated....

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Gift box with matching card

Gift Box with matching card


  1. i spy peter rabbit!!! gorgeous gorgeous cards, would be a happy girl receiving one of those for christmas!!! :) x

  2. Fantastic. These should look fantastic at your fair.x

  3. Beautiful cards - sorry no idea on pricing, but they are great :)

  4. They are all lovely cards and boxes, they always look gorgeous.

    Jackie xx

  5. Beautiful cards!!! Thank you for sharing! If that is all that you have made when you have lost your mojo I need to get the mojo you have