Saturday 11 January 2014

Box and Candle project

Well all here it is..the step by step instructions to decorate a candle and make a box for it to go in. All I ask is that you become a follower of my blog if you use these instructions.

We will start with the candle;

You will need ...a CD of your choice, plain candle, tissue paper, stick and spray , heat gun, greaseproof paper and printable light card.

I have used a topper image from the Makey Bakey Mice CD and used the smallest image to fit my candle.

Spray some stick and spray onto the piece of card and put on the tissue paper. Smooth down as much as possible. Cut down to A4 size to go into the printer. Print out selected image.

Once you have printed the image cut it down to size

Peel it off the card very carefully

You may need to spray some more stick and spray onto the image so that it sticks to the candle.

Position on the candle. Using the stick and spray you can reposition it if needed.

Get a piece of greaseproof paper and fold it in half

Wrap it around the candle so that the image is at the front and the scrunched up paper at the back so that you can hold it safely

Very careful heat with the heat gun until you see the wax melting under the greaseproof paper. Make sure you do the whole image and don't get to close to the paper so that it scorches.

Once melted carefully remove the greaseproof paper and if you have any section not melted you can very carefully melt it using the heat gun but do be carful as you can end up spoiling the whole project.

One completed for the box;

You will need a piece of Coordinations card stock or a piece of card slightly larger than 12X12
Using your Ultimate and with the light edge of the coordinations on your right hand side score at 3in and 6in

Fold along the 6 inch score line and put that up against the handle of the ultimate and score at 3in and then just above the white line on the coordinations....this becomes the flap

Turn the card round and score at 3in, turn again and score along opposite side at 3in.

with the white edge of the card furthest away from you cut the lines as shown;

turn the card around and then cut again as shown. ;

You will actually have to remove 2 small squares of card.

Score and burnish all your lines and then glue the flaps and stick together and hold in place with paperclips whilst drying.

Whilst the box is drying you can get the decorated sections ready. I have only done a very basic decoration on this box due to time constraints but you can go mad!!

For the basic layers you will need some coordinating card and cut out ;
4 X 14.5 cm X 6.5 cm
2 X 6.5 cm X 6.5 cm
2 X 15cm X 3cm

I then embossed all the card in the A4 Dottie embossing folder

Lightly sand and use your dust buddy to remove the dust.

Stick all of the sections onto the box and the 2 long sections are for the flap at the front and these stick over the white part of the coordinations.

You can use a little velcro fastener if you wanted.
To finish I die cut a Diesire Butterfly

A few paper flowers and a bow and there you have it a decorated candle and coordinating box.

I hope these instructions are clear but please do contact me if you need help and dont forget to become a follower of my blog.
Have fun xxx


  1. Thank you so much Kathy, such detailed instructions. Assume same principle if just stamping rather than printing. Elaine x

    1. Yes its exactly the same Elaine. Just stamp onto tissue and then colour and add to candle.

  2. I am going to have a go with this sometime soon. I really love it, thank you so much for the instructions. xxx

  3. Fabulous tutorial will try this thanks for showing us xxxx

  4. Thank you for the tutorial Cath am a follower now to x

  5. Fantastic Cathy - thank you so much xxx